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Invisalign - First few days - Why Invisalign is like having a baby

My Invisalign treatment started on 01/10/2018. It has been an interesting experience and it seemed worth documenting in case other middle age people are planning to start the process.

Here is the background:

I'm a 43 year old male, now living in Washington and originally from California. I've had crooked teeth forever but chose not to get braces as a teenager. It seemed a waste of money to me back then because I never cared about my teeth's appearance, as opposed to their performance. I still don't. My treatment is to correct an unbalanced bite. Any benefit to appearance is just extra. I chew preferentially on my left side molars and my right molars don't touch. This caused damage to my lower left molar. To fix that molar it made sense to do the whole damn thing right and look towards the next thirty years with straighter teeth.

The treatment options were surgery (to remove wisdom teeth) and braces, or Invisalign. My daughter is at the end of her brace treatment s…

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